APIs that Document and Test Themselves

Writing and updating API specifications should be as easy as making a Git commit. Contract testing your APIs should not be a full-time job.
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Version behavior, not just code

While Git is diffing your code, Optic is diffing your API’s behavior against its specification; ensuring every change to the API gets documented, reviewed and approved. Git versions code, Optic versions behavior

A developer-friendly approach to API

api init
Add Optic to your API Project
api check
Verify that Optic can start your API locally
api start
Replaces your start command and diffs traffic

API Changelogs on every Pull Request

With Optic, every change to your APIs gets documented, reviewed and approved before it is merged.
Understand your Code Changes
Optic helps you understand how new code changes the behavior of an API. No more accidental regressions or leaked fields.
Detect Breaking Changes
Get notified of breaking changes before they're merged so you can make these changes safetly.
Updated Docs
No more doc drift. When you approve an API change the spec is updated by Optic.

Accurate Documentation For Every API

While you are busy writing new features, Optic is writing, verifying and suggesting changes to your API specification.
Supports your Stack

Optic works with any REST API Framework. No messy annotations, weird frameworks or giant YAML files here. Setup takes less than 10 minutes

Beautiful Docs for your team

Optic keeps your API specification, documentation and changelogs in the same place for anyone on your team to review.

Built-in Changelog

Automated changelogs give you full visibility into the history of every change to your API.

The Easiest Road to Adopting OpenAPI

Optic helps you create your first OpenAPI specification and ensure it always stays up to date. If you can not get your team on-board to learn OpenAPI or want to avoid 10k line YAML files, give Optic a spin.

Live Contract Testing

Optic’s Live Contract Testing gets you the benefits of Consumer Driven Contract Testing without fixtures, mocks, and cost of maintaining manual test cases.
Confidence each API meets its contract

Optic monitors your real API behavior and identifies situations where your API does not meet its contract. With Optic “Is my API meeting its contract?” becomes easy to answer.

Meaningful Signals from API Testing

It is no simple task to mock all your APIs, their dependencies, and write contract tests that cover everything your consumers rely on. By monitoring real traffic, Optic guarantees the health of the API surface area your consumers depend on and provides a strong signal when things go wrong.

Understand your Consumers

Consumer Driven Contract Testing is backwards. Instead of guessing what parts of your contract your consumers rely on and testing that surface area, let Optic learn their usage patterns and ensure those continue working for as long as they are relied upon.

Your API Ops, right in CI / CD

With Optic watching your CI/CD pipeline, catch contract breaks early and keep them out of production. Get that back to the developers while the change is fresh in their minds. If a break gets through, Optic will give you details on the change observed.

Optic is a smart, simple, and straightforward solution to a real world problem every company faces.

Kin Lane
The API Evangelist Chief Evangelist, Postman
Traffic-driven API development and ops is the the future of handling the skyrocketing complexity of API landscapes. Thats is why I am really excited to see efforts like Optic.

Zdenek Nemec
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